Jim Shaw

Jim is the President of the Club.  He discovered model railroading after his grandkids were born.  He and his wife Becky are most interested in creating scenery.  His home loop layout has over 100 buildings with over 50 feet of track and several sidings.


Tom Jarvis

Tom is Treasurer and a founding member of the Club.  He built his first layout in the early 70s for his son.  Within a month, he wasn’t allowed to touch it.

He opened the Norwood Hobby Shop in in the back of his barber shop on Mechanic Street in 1982 because “you couldn’t buy anything north of Syracuse.”  He had to build an addition two years later.  He started selling HO, then N, and then remote controlled cars, boats, and planes before also moving into Dungeoans & Dragons, model rocketry, and plastic models.  Later, the hobby shop became a feature on Main Street.

Although he retired from the hobby shop, he still visits shows as a major vendor of train equipment.


Roger Miller

Roger is the Secretary and is involved with several other clubs in New York.  He has also participated with Canadian clubs in the past.  He enjoys running point-to-point layouts and is active with various Free-Mo groups.  His home point-to-point layout wraps around his basement for over 100 feet and has many sidings with car cards & waybills.


Dale Rexford

Dale is a founding member of the club.  He enjoys working from scratch and with kits, but often modifies them.  He built his first train car when he was 7 years old, which was pulled behid a locomotive on a friend’s layout. His first locomotive was an early Athearn with a rubberband drive.  His father eventually set him up with a brass-track oval in the basement.

For the last 40 forty years he has focused on building modules that he uses with the club at shows.  He has 11 modules of which 6 are six feet long.


Garry & Sue Cooley

Sue is Jim Shaw’s sister. She & Garry have been in the club for over a decade. Jim encouraged them to get involved with a trip to the Railroad Hobby Show in Springfield, MA, where Garry purchased his first layout.  Sue purchased a couple plastic kits which only took her an hour to build. She realized she wanted more. After working with some wooden kits, she was hooked.  She discovered a talent for weathering and fine details.  She developed her craft to the point where she now offers clinics and is selling her work professionally.  Although they live in Connecticut, they are active at many of the shows that the club attends.


Kenny Friedel

Kenny is most interested in model railroads that you can ride.  He brings his 7 1/4 guage train along with 220 feet of oval track to the Massena Show and helps with other ridable layouts at other shows as well.  At one point in time, he had a 7 1/2 gauge railroad in his backyard complete with a turntable, but now he has a narrow gauge railroad around his property with a fifth of a mile of track.

Other Members include (More Bios and Pictures to Come):

  • Scott Young — Founding Member
  • Ed LaLonde — Module Building and Home Layout
  • Malcolm Jones — Repair Guru
  • Clif Leary — Expert on All Equipment, Regardless of Scale or Power Supply
  • Tom French — Just an Enthusiast